The consumer and his 5 levels of awareness

According to the report Digital 2021 from We Are Social in partnership with HootSuite, 53.6% of the world population is present on social networks. There are 4.20 billion people communicating, consuming and generating content and that in 2021 they will spend, together, 3.7 trillion hours in the most diverse social networks.

It is a challenge to connect with these consumers whose attention is competing for attention every second. Being relevant when solving problems is key to standing out.

In 1966, Eugene Schwartz, one of the greatest copywriters in the history of advertising, wrote a book called "Breakthrough Advertising" where he explains the concept of the five levels of consumer awareness. When communicating, you should know which level of awareness you are addressing. That way your content will be more relevant to those people and you will gain more and more relevance, generating leads and conversions.

The five stages of consciousness are:

  • Unconscious
  • Aware of the problem
  • Aware of the solution
  • Product Awareness
  • Fully aware


In the initial stage, called "unconscious", the person has no idea that there is a problem. Therefore, communication has to be aimed at awakening that there is a problem. Here curiosity has to be

Aware of the problem

Next comes the "problem aware", where the problem is already known, but the person does not yet know that there is a solution to it. This is the time to create connections by demonstrating that you know and understand the customer's pains.

Aware of the solution

At the "solution-aware" level there is a desire for the solution to the problem, but not a choice for which path to take. Take the opportunity to create content showing the benefits of your product.

Product Awareness

The next stage is called "product awareness". Here your customer already knows the problem that needs to be solved, the solution and your product, leaving only a final doubt if the solution is the best one. Reinforcing your authority with numbers and testimonials is important at this point.

Fully aware

Now it is time for the final push. In the "fully aware" stage, they have already chosen your product, but are waiting for the right moment to make the purchase. To generate this conversion there are numerous mental triggers such as notions of urgency and scarcity, for example.

Levels of awareness help you get to know your consumer, understand their context and build the best story for your sales funnel.

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