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Branding and Branding Strategy

Branding & Repositioning

About the Client:

Bonsai was born to connect any type of creator with their fans, but along the way, the target audience has shifted to the music industry, which now represents the majority of the customer base.

Project objectives:

The objective of the project was to review the brand and reposition the brand to align with this new moment. A sense of community, belonging and connection was fundamental to envision this new path and for this reason the new identity was based on the concept of light and the atmosphere of a concert. We want any creator or fan to feel at home and comfortable enough to ask the questions and be creative when asking them.


To achieve the necessary objectives, we designed a brand platform based on strategy, market research and insights, and from there we built the brand's visuals. We set up a brandbook and a design system using Figma as a platform.

Skills involved:

1. Branding
2. Graphic Design
3. Brand Strategy


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