Red Hat - an IBM company
Building a gamified platform from scratch

A gamified university built in three months

A gamified university built
in three months

About the Client:

Red Hat is one of the largest technology companies in the world, specializing in Linux solutions such as Operating Systems, automation and cloud tools.

Project objectives:

Help customers make better use of the most complex and robust products offered by Red Hat, in order to ensure retention and upsell among the player base, as well as increase engagement and the relationship between the company and its strategic customers.


Based on the company's current objective and context, we jointly chose to develop a gamified learning platform to ensure the best experience for Red Hat customers. Through a custom designed application and developed with the most current technologies on the market, we managed to guarantee a complete gamification experience, based on Yu-Kai Chou's literature.

Skills involved:

  1. UX Design
  2. UI Design
  3. Full Stack Development

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