UX, UI and web development

Complete UI/UX redesign + new experience for the investment platform.

About the Client:

Captable's mission is to be more than an investment platform. The company aims to become a hub of transformative connections in the innovation ecosystem, with the aim of simplifying investment in startups through access to inspiring and entrepreneurial purposes with the dream of making a difference.

Project objectives:

Due to a new launch scheduled for a few months, Captable renewed its visual identity with a more modern and updated aesthetic and, therefore, they needed to rethink the entire experience of using their website/investment platform. 


After a frustrated search for partner suppliers who were capable of the work, a month before the launch of the new brand, Captable found Deploy, which, with a very tight deadline (only 1 month), was able to deliver a new experience for the customer of Captable, as well as a portal dedicated to authorial content.


Since the first day of implementation, Captable customers have already praised the improvement and declared that the platform was much more intuitive to use, in addition to being clearer and more functional.

Skills involved:

  1. UX Research
  2. UI Design
  3. Front end development

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