AP Ponto - Construction Co.
Strategy, day-to-day and performance

We've delivered a end-to-end marketing strategy + performance enhance.

About the Client:

AP Ponto is a construction company from Minas Gerais that, since 2009, has had the mission of simplifying the dream of owning a home. They take care of every detail to build the dream of thousands of Brazilians, from the first visit to one of their stores to the delivery of the AP keys.

Project objectives:

The builder's marketing pain was pervasive. They wanted to revisit all of their processes, from performance to customer experience. In other words, they wanted a partner who could help them with any project.


We progressively redid all the relationship rules and media campaigns from scratch, gave an uplift to the visual identity, took care of year-end events and even special offline campaigns.

We have developed a performance Dash for monitoring by channel and region, enabling the monitoring of results on a daily basis; we increased the number of hot leads from performance campaigns by an average of 33%; we rethought the entire flow of CRM integrations to optimize service and decision intelligence; and we did the complete planning for the arrival of AP Ponto in Ribeirão Preto/SP.


Better understanding of the purchase journey and 70% reduction in campaigns CPL. Lead qualification increased considerably when we understood the target and organized strategies across regions. 

Skills involved:

1. Media and performance
2. UX/UI Design
3. Project Management
4. Strategic planning
5. Content production
6. Social media management


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